DAY 1 

Arrive in Palermo Airport – The shuttle bus will take you into the heart of Palermo where you will be welcome with a coffee or Prosecco depending on the time of day at the hotel. During our unique tour of the city, we will see how the calligraphy and culture are enmeshed in this ancient city. Lunch will be a street food experience near the hotel where you taste Arancini, Panino con le Panelle, Frittolo, Stigghiola and then dinner in a local restaurant where you can enjoy typical Sicilian gastronomy.

DAY 2 

Breakfast at the hotel and then continuing with a tour of this ancient city with a private guide including a tour of the famous Palatine Chapel. We will make our way to the Palermo train station where will experience the amazing coastline of Sicily to our final destination, Gioiosa Marea. We will provide a hamper of Italian wine, cheese, meat and special breads to the enjoy on the journey. It normally takes 2 and half hours. We will arrive at Gioiosa Marea around 7pm where you will be driven to Casa Piccolo Paradiso (in Santo Stefano) and where you will be welcomed with an aperitivo and traditional meal.


Breakfast on the terrace overlooking the sea. The calligraphy workshop starts with an introduction to using the tools and materials and well as your objectives for the course. Break for lunch and continue into the afternoon with the workshop. Relaxing time around the pool or meandering around the many local walks near the house. Dinner at the house.

DAY 4 

Breakfast on the terrace overlooking the sea. Calligraphy workshop starts with simple relaxation exercises and letterform studies with an emphasis on an accessible approach. Break for lunch and continue into the afternoon where we will draw inspiration from the work we saw in Palermo. Relaxing time around the pool or meandering around the many local walks near the house. Dinner will be a traditional pizza place in Gioiosa Marea starting with an aperitivo and canapés at the famous Bar Roma.

DAY 5 

Breakfast on the terrace overlooking the sea and then transfer to a culture tour of the local historic hill town of Piraino. The experience starts with a coffee at the only bar in Piraino which has stunning views out across the coast and Nebrodi mountains. This is followed by a tour with a local guide of this historic village, its most important churches, a visit into the private catacombs, onto the roof of the Torre Saracena. The tour is finished with lunch at the private home of Ignazio and Rosanna who are the Mayor parents. As in every Sicilian home, you’ll be encouraged to taste Ignazio’s home-made wine and Grappa the latter of which should carry a health warning!

Transfers back where we will have a gentle 2-hour workshop picking up on our studies from yesterday and then relaxing around the pool or meandering around the many local walks. Dinner at the house.


Breakfast on the terrace overlooking the sea. The calligraphy workshop today will focus on how to add drawing to the personal style of lettering that you have evolved over the last few days. Break for lunch and continue into the afternoon. Relaxing time around the pool or meandering around the many local walks around the house.

Dinner is an exclusive special evening experiencing the Pasta Masterclass which is held in the open plan kitchen at Casa Piccolo Paradiso and conducted by the talented local Sicilian mama, Pina. Pina will demonstrate how to make fresh macaroni which is a typical local pasta and together with locally grown egg-plant (aubergine) you will prepare Involtini Maccaroni a typical Sicilian pasta dish. Following Pina’s demonstration, everyone will participate in preparing the dish together under her watchful eye. All ingredients provided are local and homegrown so a ‘farm to table’ experience. All dietary requirements will be taken into account.


Breakfast on the terrace overlooking the sea. The calligraphy workshop will focus on making a few simple objects that consolidate your learning.  Break for lunch and continue into the afternoon. Relaxing time around the pool or meandering around the many local walks near the house.

The final night’s dinner will be held at the house of Filippo & Pina who live in the nearby village of San Leonardo. Pina who you have already met is an excellent local cook and prepares gastronomic Sicilian delicacies many of which will not be found in restaurants. As well as a host of antipasti and home-baked bread, it will include delicious local macaroni followed by an assortment of grilled meats all lovingly marinated and prepared by Filipo on his grill and washed down with his homemade wine and grappa.


Ewan is an internationally known calligrapher, lettering artist, teacher and author of The Golden Thread, The Story of Writing and editor of the British Library’s Writing, Making your Mark. He has exhibited and taught calligraphy around the world including Italy, Japan and North America. He went from living in an English monastery in the 1980s to Silicon Valley in California in the 1990s where he worked with digital pioneers on the future of writing. Today he runs his own studio in the seaside town of Brighton where he is teaching calligraphy to people from around the world. He enjoys working with calligraphers at all levels of experience or none and is particularly interested in calligraphy as a meditative art. He is a core member of staff at The Royal Drawing School in London.


  • Calligraphy workshops for all levels

  • 2 days in Palermo exploring the city including a tour of the famous Palatine Chapel.

  • Cultural tour of the local historic hill town of Piraino including lunch at the private home of the Mayor to experience real Sicilian food.

  • Pasta Master Class with a local ‘Sicilian Mamma’

  • Pizza night in the lovely town of Gioiosa Marea

  • 1 Nights’ Accommodation in Palermo in the heart of the city

  • 6 nights’ accommodation in Santo Stefano

  • Food and drinks included with local Sicilian wine served at the house. Please note wine & beers are extra when dining in the restaurants.

  • All Meals included – All dietary requirements offered

  • Transfers from the Airport to Palermo including the train from Palermo to Gioiosa Marea


Casa Piccolo Paradiso

1 x Double Room ensuite

2 x Double Rooms – Share a bathroom and Shower Room 
1x Single/Twin/Small Double Room - Share a bathroom and Shower Room
1 x Sofa-bed (in the lounge) with bathroom nearby


£1,350 per person excluding flights – Includes all meals, tours, accommodation and calligraphy classes.

£1,500 for double room ensuite excluding flights - Includes all meals, tours, accommodation and calligraphy classes.

Call or email to enquire 07720242929 or

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