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Step into a world of authentic cuisine with a foodie escape designed to give you a taste of some of the finest food cultures. Explore new destinations or rediscover old favourites whilst sampling a wide variety of local produce, from wine tasting in Italy to cookery courses in France. The dedicated culinary trips are designed to bring you closer to a country's freshest produce, busy markets and real home cooking as well as immersing yourself in unique cultures.

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 Search for boutique hotels and other hip hideaways in cities around the world. Discover our favourite places to stay around the world for your next City Break. - a hand-picked portfolio of boutique hotels, and design hotels. Explore historic architecture, beautiful scenery, culture events and gastronomy

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A new year marks a new beginning, so it’s natural to want to reflect and make resolutions to improve different aspects of your life. Give yourself the best shot at success this year as you follow through your resolutions on a transformative health and fitness holiday. It may be it a digital detox, sleep enhancement, emotional healing or fitness and nutrition. With carefully crafted programmes and the support of experts, in some of the world’s most beautiful locations, choose a wellness holiday to transform your life this year.

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Craving a holiday without compromise? Time to go it alone! Today’s solo traveller is no longer defined by their relationship status or whether they have like-minded friends. Instead, they are increasingly choosing to leave their loved ones behind in order to do what they want, when they want and get a bit of hard-won ‘me time’. The results found that relaxation is the number one motivator for solo leisure travellers around the world as well as getting away from routine and exploring new cultures.

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Destination weddings promise a picture-book beginning to a marriage: vows exchanged on a beach or in a citrus grove, in front of a castle or on top of a mountain. Couples turn to destination, rather than local, weddings for a number of reasons, some aspirational, others practical. We can help you navigate the special stressors of destination weddings while amplifying their unique charms of the destination.

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Adventure travel beckons the curious, the thrill-seeker, the boundary-pusher. And as more and more travellers approach their holidays with active and open minds. It is a combination of natural wonder, extreme activities, and remote locations—say, searching for snow leopards in Bhutan or mountain biking through the Dolomites, eating your way through Mexico City’s food markets and street vendors or even climbing up Denali. Even the most dedicated couch potatoes can admit there’s a certain rustic glamour here.

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